Terrapin Orchards


Pick your own apples and strawberries at this U-Pick farm just outside of Elizabeth.

Owned by a professional and passionate agronomist, Terrapin Orchards boast 5500 apple trees in 6 different varieties.

Strawberry season starts in early June and runs through the beginning of July. Pick your own or grab pre-picked berries that are dripping with flavor. For those looking to do some canning, baking or are looking to pick a whole bunch of berries, a discount is offered for bringing your own container to pick into.

Apples are king at Terrapin Orchards and are anticipated to be ready by September. There are 26 different varieties between the 2 northwest Illinois orchards. Terrapin also has a few varieties of pears and some other top secret crops that they are tinkering around with growing. Our fruit is picked at the peak of perfection. We wait for the fruit to be fully mature to make sure that your eating experience is second to none.

Terrapin Orchards also crop shares with orchards at Rolling Hills Progress Center in Lanark, IL. The Rolling Hills Orchard features more than 25 varieties of apples as well as 2 varieties of pears. The delicious fruit from these orchards are sold at Terrapin.

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