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Vintrendi Wine Company is a micro-winery located in the Chicagoland South Suburb of Park Forest. We make wine from traditional wine varietals and various fruit from California to the Midwest Region.

Our approach to wine making is to design wines based on the taste profiles of modern wine consumers. Often times, we fuse traditional grape varietals or various fruit with our cultural influences in order to produce innovative wine styles. Our goal is not only to make wine; but to produce wine- redefined.

Our company history is anchored in the wine and spirits distribution industry where our decades of experience helps to fuel the Vintrendi creative engine. Vintrendi Wines are the answer to years of consumer requests of wineries in terms of taste and representation. Our wines engage the tastebuds of overlooked consumers that want to enjoy wines without being an expert. Vintrendi Wine Company is the winery that hears and speaks to their wine wishes organically and with authenticity. 


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