64 state parks, 2,900 lakes, 7 scenic byways, when it comes to Illinois there’s no shortage of outdoor adventure. Follow these real stories as they uncover picturesque nature trails, hidden gems, iconic landmarks and unique stays in the Middle of Everything. Pack your hiking boots, and discover the real people, real stories and the real outdoors of Illinois.

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The best way to preserve a place? Teach your grandkids to fall in love with it. For the Sporleder family, returning to beloved places like Rock Cut, Starved Rock, and Matthiessen State Parks creates a profound connection with their grandkids. Sharing their fishing traditions for Bluegill and Crappie, gathering around the campfires, and swapping stories, ensures this appreciation for place will endure for years.

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Escape Chicago's hustle to discover the beauty of diverse landscapes like Camp Aramoni and Rend Lake. This easy itinerary offers various outdoor adventure options like paddling, swimming, and fantastic camping for your friends and family. 

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For Chicago adaptive climber Meaghan Cusack, the goal isn’t just being an inspirational story but pushing herself to her limit. Follow her and squad to some of the best climbing in Illinois for people of all abilities and skill levels, including Cave-in-Rock State Park, Giant City State Park, and beautiful Pere Marquette along the Mississippi River.

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