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Rend Lake is fresh water and rich soil, forests and wetlands, wild game, fish, and birds, beaches and boats, picnic and play areas, bike and nature trails, golf courses and disc golf, campgrounds and hotels, museums and more. Come, enjoy Rend Lake.

Rend Lake’s 19,000 acres of fresh water with its 162 miles of shore and 20,000 acres of surrounding forests, meadows and wetlands has been managed for over 50 years by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Their dedication and expertise helps to ensure Rend Lake is at its best.

The US Army Corps of Engineers’ Rend Lake Visitors Center is the perfect start to any visit. It has extensive Rend Lake Area information provided by the staff & brochures, interactive exhibits & the Environmental Science Series.  

Come enjoy paddling a kayak or canoe or boating to relax, fish, swim, tub, ski, knee board, wakeboard, or slalom ski. Rend Lake is 19,000 acres of water with lots of boat ramps for easy access.

Rend Lake offers viewing opportunities for songbirds, upland birds, waterfowl, wading birds, shorebirds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, marine birds, bird of prey, small mammals, carnivores, hoofed mammals, freshwater mammals, wildflowers, and insects.

Rend Lake’s 20 + miles of paved bike trail winds through diverse and scenic habitat. Along the trail are gorgeous vistas and rest areas with benches.  The trail has multiple parking and access points with drinking water, benches, and restroom facilities.

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers at Rend Lake manages over 500 campsites in 4 different campground areas and also manages 2 different group campground areas. The Wayne Fitzgerrell Illinois State Park offers 248 campsites. 

The Rend Lake Golf Complex features a 27 hole golf course with an on site full service restaurant, hotel rooms, condos, cabins, and campers. Lake Cove Hotel is just down the road with a secure parking and charging area.

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