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Ipsento Coffee

Paying mind to the soil, altitudes, temperatures, and even human touch at every step allows a good cup of coffee the chance to be a great cup of coffee.

Nov 01, 2017 Food & Beverage

The front counter at Ipsento Coffee.

While coffee has a way of bringing people closer to each other, Ipsento believes it should bring you closer to the farmers behind each cup, too.

It’s a mind-set that has welcomingly wedged itself between every espresso shot pulled, coffee cup filled and conversation started at respected Chicago coffeehouse, Ipsento. Rooted in the Bucktown neighborhood, situated just mere miles from the heartbeat of the city’s infamous Loop, this neighborhood shop is living proof that it’s hard to get a bad cup anywhere within earshot of where you stand. But, it’s in fact much harder to get your hands on a cup that cuts through the noise. When owners Tim and Mandi Taylor began the search for the best coffee available, they quickly realized that there’s no “one size fits all” in the coffee world. Paying mind to the soil, altitudes, temperatures, and even human touch at every step allows a good cup of coffee the chance to be a great cup of coffee. And the farmers that Ipsento look to for their beans know this all too well.

Coffee Machines at Ipsento Coffee. Pouring cream onto coffee to make latte art. Take-away coffee box and donuts from Ipsento.

With high standards in mind and a world map in hand, Tim and Mandi pinned a group of micro-lot farms, pickers, wet mills and dry mills across the globe, leaning on their knowledge of seasonality to help the duo bring the best beans stateside. With a stringent list of farmers supplying high-quality seasonal beans, the Bucktown staple takes it upon themselves to cap this attentive process off in-house. At which point, they’ll roast their beans on location to maintain utmost freshness and quality control for what they, and their neighbors, surely consider “the most brilliant, sustainable coffee in the world.”

While the human experience steeped in coffee conjures images of humble tableside conversations, the way this sustainably-minded Chicago spot makes room for the farmers in that story can be tasted all the way from the bean to the bottom of every cup. Whether stepping out of the loop to experience Chicago’s neighborhoods, sipping a cup of their coffee around the corner at Katherine Anne Confections or making a special trip to “one of the nation’s best coffee shops” as awarded by NYC’s Daily Meal, you’re sure to enjoy yourself. 

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