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Nestled in the rolling hills of Southern Illinois, Bison Bluff Farm is a family owned and operated farm which started as a hobby and grew into a full time labor of love.

From the beginning, owner Clifton Howell familiarized himself with the science of bison husbandry, and acquired a thorough comprehension of how to raise them as an excellent, nutritious food. He saw the importance of bison as a healthy, tasty, and lean source of protein. By adding a variety of good breeding stock from over 10 different states and varying blood lines, he now has a herd of exceptional quality. Throughout their lives, the bison are rotated between pastures, free to roam and graze on the vast, scenic farm land and varying vegetation. The animals are grass-fed then grain-finished, free of hormones and chemicals. The herd is robust, steroid-free, natural and unadulterated.  A Buffalo Day is held each Spring and Fall and other visits can be arranged by appointment. 

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