Rend Lake Bike Trail


Rend Lake’s 20+ miles of paved bike trail winds through diverse and scenic habitat. The trail has multiple parking and access points with drinking water, benches, and restroom facilities.

The Rend Lake Bike Trail, in the heart of Southern Illinois, has three fully paved sections that wind through diverse and scenic habitat. Along the way, trail-goers will enjoy picturesque views of the tree-lined water, prairie grasslands, wetlands, waterfowl and other wildlife.

Perfect for family bike rides and cyclists of all ages. It is mostly flat, except where it descends from lake level to cross the Big Muddy River below the dam and spillway. The bike trail is within walking distance of multiple parking areas, drinking water and restroom facilities at campgrounds and major recreation areas. Each and every mile of the Rend Lake Bike trail is packed with memories waiting to happen!

Stop by the U. S. Army Corp of Engineers Rend Lake Visitor Center to pick up a copy of the Rend Lake Bike Trail brochure and map.

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