“Innovation in Rural America” from the Smithsonian Institution at Ohio River Visitor Center

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The Ohio River Visitor Center in Equality will be hosting the mobile exhibit “Innovation in Rural America” from the Smithsonian Institution, as well as offer information on the historic and scenic sites along the Ohio River and Southeastern Illinois.

The Smithsonian Museum describes the exhibit as:

“The story of human history is written in inventions and innovations. People are problem- solvers. Sometimes we invent. More often, we innovate—we introduce a fresh idea or an invention into use in some way that creates a new way of doing or thinking.

Invention can happen anywhere and it’s happening right now in small towns across America. Rural Americans are creating new products, taking risks, meeting challenges together, and seizing upon exciting opportunities that change local life and sometimes reach far beyond.”

Fridays: 3-7 PM, Saturdays: Noon-7 PM, Sundays: Noon-3 PM

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Jun 17 to Jul 22, 2023

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