Edgewater Candles


Purchasing a product online or from one of their partner stockists you can be sure you'll discover a unique fragrance that'll transport you to another time or place.

Using only simple materials, with no additives or dyes, their candles are clean burning and long lasting. In their Evanston studio they also teach candle making classes.

We’ve always been makers. So when we came across some wax for practically nothing, it seemed like an opportunity to learn a new skill. But with us, hobbies often look more like obsessions. We quickly found ourselves searching for higher quality ingredients and customizing our fragrance offerings. Just a year later, Edgewater Candles could be found in shops and craft fairs across Chicagoland. 

The one thing we love more than making candles is being a part of an incredible community of crafters, small business owners, and candle lovers. It allows us to collaborate with other artisans, learn and grow with fellow makers, and share the passion for our unique palette of elevated modern fragrances.

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