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Flourish Juice Co.


We make high quality health elixirs to keep you energized, healthy and happy!

No synthetic chemicals. Simply organic, non-GMO, natural grown fruits & veggies, cold pressed & bottled in glass. Good for you, and the Earth.

Our mission: to heal, rejuvenate and energize the human body with exquisite juices, smoothies, coffees, and specialty elixirs.

Kaitlin Soto is the owner and operator of Flourish Juice Co. in Joliet, IL. She is dedicated to educating others on how to improve their quality of life through nutrition. Recycling makes her jump for joy and turmeric juice makes her cry happy tears!

As with most influential start-ups, Flourish began as a necessity to fill a huge health void in the community. This health void wasn’t just in the Joliet community, but the entire health community within a 100-mile radius and sometimes further. The goal will always remain constant — No matter how much flourishing and growing will take place at our company, we will never compromise on the quality. Always fresh fruits and veggies. No cheap ingredients, no hpp (this is 98% of your shipped or store bought “juice”), no synthetic add-ins, always bottled in glass that we work so hard to keep going, all for our favorite flourishing friend: You!

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