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HavenLight Gallery has opened in Nauvoo, to bring to the tri-states area, a world-class fine art and custom framing gallery.

Unlike most of the businesses in the Nauvoo area that focus on just the busiest 2-3 month summer, HavenLight is a full-time and 12 month art source and showcase. It is located at 1360 Mulholland in Nauvoo, in the restored “arched windows” building – which was originally a bank, then manufacturing, a tavern, and a quilting and Christmas store. Stop in and asked to see the 16 foot copper-topped bar in the back room.

The gallery is the collaborative creation between the HAVENLIGHT galleries and Mark and Esther Stringer, who moved to Nauvoo a year ago, unsure of what they might do, but committed to being not just residents, but involved neighbors and citizens of the area. Esther is an artist, who uses most mediums – oil, water color, and sketching -- to capture life’s personal and most meaningful moments in family relationships, watching children grow, and preserving cherished memories of favorite pets. 

Features on premises framing as well as art and Featured guest artists. The art shown in the gallery is just the gateway to thousands of pieces of art in all sizes, of over 100 artists, in all areas and mediums, which can be viewed and purchased through the gallery web site Periodically, the gallery will host a well-known artist for a few days of lectures, demonstrations, and to greet patrons. 

The gallery is a traditional show place of fine art, representing over 100 collected artists, but is much more than that. The Stringers will use the facility, and their experience, to have community art shows, and to assist artists from the tri-states communities surrounding Nauvoo to develop a wider market including internet sales), and to explore other commercial forms of using their art. As things get settled after the opening, there will be classes offered in forms of art, such as painting, sculpting, wood work, and marketing. 

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