Hoof It Goat Treks


Guided walking tours with goats through native prairies and forest.

Welcoming all… young, old, and in-between. It’s all about the fun, the laughter, and the pure joy of walking with goats through native prairies and forest. Lace up your shoes and get ready to hoof it! All guides/trekkers have an inherent knowledge of the land and the animals. They have grown up on the property, raised their families there, and are excited to share it with you.

Goat Trek: Experience the pure joy of frolicking goats while walking through native prairie and forest as the kids (baby goats) follow along and play.

Goat Trek with Bonfire: Enjoy an early evening walk, bottle feeding of the kids (when applicable), and a bonfire under the stars. S’mores provided. Pizza delivery can be ordered, or pack a cooler and utilize the on-site grill. Bring your own beverages. Nature, stars in the sky and fire provided.

Porch Play: Goats and some humans don’t like walking in the rain or poor weather. If weather prohibits trekking, our large covered porch offers a fun place to play and interact with the goats. If walking is simply difficult, but you still want the experience, Porch Play is for you.

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