Movatic Bike Share Program in Rock Falls


The Movatic Bike Share program is now available in Rock Falls!

Rock Falls participates in the Movatic Bike Share program. Once you download the Movatic app, you are on your way to enjoying a day of riding with friends or family.Enjoy a ride around town or down the Hennepin Canal!

All the bikes are located at the RB&W Riverfront Park in Rock Falls, right next to the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. These bikes are controlled by bluetooth technology and users must download the Movatic app on their smartphones. The application works with iPhone and Android phones, and instructions are posted on the bike racks, with steps to follow right on the bikes themselves. Bikes are mainly sized for teens and adults at this time.

After the user has downloaded the Movatic app, they must create an account and input a method of payment. After that, simply scan the QR code on the back or front of the bike and you’re set to enjoy your ride! The current rate is $3 per hour and the bikes are equipped with GPS tracking technology. Once the user is finished with their ride, all they have to do is line the lock back up with a slot in the rack for the lock to close around, and hit “end ride” on the app. Push down the orange tab on the wheel lock until fully engaged; just follow prompts on your smartphone. Users are urged to ensure this is done properly to avoid unnecessary charges, and to be sure the bike can be available for the next user.

All bikes must be returned to the rack after use and failure to do so could result in extra penalties. Bikes should not be left on trails or anywhere else throughout the city or neighboring towns. All users will be asked to agree to terms and conditions upon creation of their account. Service ends at 9pm each day. This is to ensure users are not riding in the dark as we want all users to remain safe on these bikes.

The program is available April through October and possibly longer depending on weather.

If you happen to be out enjoying the bikes, take a picture and email it to, or put it on Facebook or Instagram and tag @visitrockfalls. We would love to see the community out enjoying the bikes!

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