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Oregon Sculpture Trail


Historical sculpture has been on public display in Oregon since the time of Lorado Taft and the Eagle’s Nest Art Colony in the early 1900’s.

The Oregon Sculpture Trail began in 1911 with the creation of Lorado Taft's sculpture, "The Eternal Indian" - commonly referred to as the Black Hawk statue. Since that time, Oregon's legacy of art has expanded to include numerous pieces that are found around town and now include 14 sculptures.

Today, visitors to Oregon can enjoy a sculpture tour while driving through Oregon on Illinois Route 2. Step-on guides can be available for bus tours by calling the Oregon Chamber of Commerce. Visit website link for complete sculpture trail information, including a downloadable sculpture trail map.

The Community Art Legacy is a contemporary project which added award winning public sculpture through-out town starting in 2004 and now 14 sculptures that were chosen from an annual competition are available for public viewing year round.

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