The Irie Cup


The Irie Cup is a family owned premium whole leaf teahouse out of Hampshire, IL. Steeped in the Caribbean traditions, we've curated a collection of premium loose leaf teas and tea accessories to create your own tea oasis.

The term Irie is a traditional saying that many Jamaicans use in greetings and responses. Irie simply means “everything’s good” or something "good and pleasant" so when you’re drinking from the Irie Cup you’re drinking from The “Good” cup. We are big believers in whole foods and balanced nutrition. We don’t believe that wellness should be complicated and tea is no different. Our Mission is to share high-quality, responsibly sourced teas with our ever-expanding community of tea lovers as well as promote wellness through the use of natural ingredients.

Based in Hampshire IL, you can make a purchase from the online store. You can also visit The River Street Collective, East Dundee or The Vintage Hammer, Hampshire to visit a physcial location where goods from The Irie Cup can be purchased.

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