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The Irie Cup is a family inspired, owned, and operated company, run by husband-and-wife team Joseph and LaShanda Lewis. Their three growing children often lend a hand, too.

"Irie" is a traditional saying that many Jamaicans use in greetings and responses. It means “everything’s good,” or that something is "good and pleasant." When you’re drinking from one of our cups, that’s how we want you to feel: Everything is good, everything is pleasant, everything is Irie.

For as long as they can remember, Joe and LaShanda have had an affinity for tea.

Joe grew up in Chicago, surrounded by his father’s garden. A walk in their backyard transported you from the south side of Chicago to the flourishing flower gardens of Mandeville, Jamaica. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, carrots, and mint leaves: Growth was all around the home, and it was normal to harvest the fresh mint leaves to steep whenever it was time for tea.

While not surrounded by the same lush garden, LaShanda was raised by a passionate, tea-drinking, Jamaican family who always seemed to know exactly which tea to prescribe. Do you have a headache? Drink fever grass. A bad cold? Garlic tea. Upset stomach? Ginger Tea! All of the above? Drink Cerasee!

By blending their two unique upbringings, Joe and LaShanda created their vision for The Irie Cup. Together, they endeavor to share their heritage with their friends, community, and the world—along with excellent loose-leaf tea, of course.

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