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Cozy Dog Drive In


The Cozy Dog Drive Inn allows you to experience one of the greatest Midwestern treasures, an authentic corn dog! The restaurant also allows you to explore memorabilia and learn more about Route 66 history.

Living Legend Josh Waldmire, carries on the everlasting legacy of his grandfather's Cozy Dog creation! Befittingly located on the Historic Route 66 in Springfield, Illinois, Cozy Dog Drive In is home to our Living Legend Josh and his family's contribution to classic American cuisine. Using cocktail forks for sticks, Ed Waldmire, Jr., Cozy Dog creator (but more importantly Josh's grandpa), turned a simple snack into a food cultural icon. A military man, Ed used the Amarillo Airfield's U.S.O. kitchen to perfect the taste, texture, and presentation of the famous Cozy Dog. After an honorable discharge, he brought the Cozy Dog to the world! Today, Josh still serves his grandfather's secret family batter, cooking style, and "we're all family here" atmosphere to keep this deep-fried delicacy going for travelers of the mother road.

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