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Glaciers End, owned and operated by Derek and Libby Ervin, is a store located at 104 N Print Ave Marion Il. We relocated to beautiful Southern Illinois after spending several years in Chicago- We took a cue from Green Acres and decided "Farm Livin' is the life for us".

We are a farm to shelf agribusiness focused on growing specialty crops and utilizing native and invasive fauna from our farm and other farmers throughout southern Illinois. We create delicious and unique products for your kitchen, pantry and cellar. We currently produce Shrub drinking Vinegars, Hot Sauces, Pickles, Jams, Jellies, and Syrups, as well as other interesting and unique creations.

We specialize in traditional food preservation methods using ingredients that we source from our orchard, gardens and woods and from local farms and growers. We use natural fermentation processes as well as traditional canning methods to preserve our fruit and vegetables producing healthy and delicious creations that we hope challenge and delight the palate.

Although we are not certified organic, our farm does not use any sprays on our produce that are not OMRI certified. We use sustainable practices, utilize native as well as invasive fauna and attempt to incorporate vegetables and fruits that thrive within our region with as little assistance as possible.

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