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From the owner, Jean....

Most days you can find me journaling on my couch sipping coffee, snuggling up with my boys or dogs, or pouring candles in my workshop.

I am mostly known for smiling, laughing, squeeze hugging you so tight your ribs crack, and giving bird funerals.

People often refer to me as J(ay)Z, or the girl that loves 90s boy bands. I’m down with that.

I love serving the world by championing children and youth, and finding magic & beauty in everything.

The things I am most passionate about in life are:

  • namaste (the Light in me sees the Light in you)
  • we all belong; we’re all in this together
  • LOVE be my everything

In December 2016 my friend looked over at a Christmas vignette I made in my living room and said, “Can you make me that? I’ll pay you.”

That tossed around in my head for days and the idea for Illuminate Space was born. Fun Fact: I first was going to call it “Vignettes in a Box.” LOL. For the next year, I scoured thrift and craft stores for everyday items I could re-purpose into home decor. I opened an Etsy shop and was thrilled when my first vignette sold!

In August 2017 I thought, “I wonder if I could make a candle to go with this vignette?” A lot of people tell me they’ve given up on candles because they give them headaches. In my research I discovered a lot of candles are made with phthalates- a cheap filler that is also used to make plastics. This is the number one cause for headaches and nausea with fragrance. So I sought out companies that make oils safe for candle burning and that were completely phthalate free. AND free of any harmful ingredients on the Prop 65 list. So not only are you getting a clean burn, longer lasting soy candle…but it also isn’t going to make you feel bad.

My candle sales exploded, so I moved off of Etsy and started my own website. I did once a month open houses at my home and offered free local porch pickup. I still enjoyed making decor, but I followed what the customer wanted and dove into the world of candle making.

I create products for people who desire to create a space they love to be in. I do this holistically through engaging the five senses. Up-cycled decor that inspires beauty and creativity, scents that trigger memories and emotions and healing, and light–that well, brings light! I am lucky to remind them that beauty is there and doesn’t have to be super expensive to illuminate.

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