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Illuminate Space

222 E Wilson St #1, Batavia, IL 60510

Historic Main Streets

Holistic. Authentic. Illuminated.

Illuminate Space creates products for people who desire to create a space they love to be in by this holistically by engaging the five senses. Vessels that inspire beauty and creativity, scents that trigger memories and emotions and healing, and light–that well, brings light! Some people tell me they’ve given up on candles because they give them headaches. Several candles are made with phthalates (a cheap filler also used to make plastics) which is the major cause of fragrance induced headaches. I purchase our raw materials from companies that make oils safe for candle burning and are completely phthalate free. AND free of any harmful ingredients on the Prop 65 list. So not only are you getting a clean burn, longer-lasting soy candle…but it also isn’t going to make you feel bad! We are passionate about teenagers here at Illuminate Space, so my team is entirely comprised of teens! They help wick, label, and pour candles with me each week. Thank you for supporting our small local woman-owned shop!

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