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McNally's Traditional Irish Pub


Like Ireland, but only closer, McNally's Traditional Irish Pub brings Irish cuisine to downtown St. Charles. Find more about their menu and more at

We distinguish ourselves through meals and bites as memorable and high quality as our craftsmanship throughout the historic confines of McNally’s Irish Pub.

Our Guinness and other drafts meet industry standards and each is served in its specially designated pint glass. Some pints just need more ounces, hence the curved Guinness 20 oz. “pint” glass. It’s true that we pour the largest most intelligent pints from the cleanest lines. Nobody can have just one.

Accompany that with our quite notoriously addictive Guinness battered cod nuggets, our delicate white cheddar cheese curds, or a hot plate of crispy brussels sprouts to welcome the possibility of hungry friends’ arrival. Try a reuben, burger, a creative salad or a Shepherd’s Pie to rival the finest sirloin n’mash. Our classic fish & chips plate will delight and unite. Bring your whole family. They may have never tasted such good food.

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