Principia College Cross Country Course


The Principia Cross Country Championship course is the most challenging course in the region because it includes some tough hills, but runners say they appreciate that it is easy to follow—and beautiful.

The backside of the course, in particular, has sweeping views that extend into the next county.

Principia used a hybrid-grass, engineered not to clump, that provides an excellent running surface.

Another bonus of the course is its flexibility. Principia can lengthen or shorten what they call the 'front yard' (a 25-acre parcel) and adjust the start line and the turns according to race specifications. For example, it is easy to create both a 5K and a 6K race, depending on what is needed at the time. The expansive front yard also allows for a good and fair start on the 110-meter-wide line.

The course is located directly across from the entrance to Principia College. Parking is located on campus in the Crafton Center parking lot. Spectators have easy access to the course and multiple opportunities to view the race as it develops and can see approximately 90 percent of the course from a viewing tower on the crown of a hill.

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