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At Route History visitors can experience and learn about pioneers that made significant contributions to Illinois, the city of Springfield, the greater society, located along historic Route 66.

Route History is an attraction that is part of the "Living Legends of Route 66" program.  Stacy Grundy, Gina Lathan, and Kenneth Lockhart opened Route History in Springfield, Illinois to honor black historical figures and their contributions.  They strive to "help share the complete story" of Springfield's history- the untold tales of how Route 66 blends seamlessly with the city's African American influence.  Springfield-a place of historical triumph, setback, turbulence, and peace-centralizes the power of state legislation under the dome-like structure of the Capitol Building. 

Of the many prominent people that have guided our nation into a more inclusive society, there's a congregation of unknown faces throughout history that used their blood, sweat, and tears to create a better future.  Route 66 held an even more dominating role with its many designated "safe zones" (as published in the notorious Green Book) for black Americans traveling across the country.  Route History aims to shed light on that history, while honoring the power of the Mother Road.  

A definite "must see" for those traveling on America's historic Route 66 road!

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