Severson Dells Nature Center


Severson Dells promotes awareness of the natural world, fostering respect, enjoyment, and preservation now and in the future.

The Severson Dells Nature Center is housed in a converted Deer Lodge situated on a 369-acre county forest preserve. The Nature Center includes a library, bookstore, classroom, conference room, and display area. Numerous bird feeders attract a variety of species throughout the year. A butterfly garden near the Nature Center consists of over 50 plant species. The garden attracts butterflies, insects and birds, and includes a small pond that doubles as a bird bath. At least 17 species of butterflies can be viewed at various times throughout the spring, summer, and fall. The Grove is an area designed with the intent to bring children back to nature using fallen logs, tree stumps for seating, vertical logs for forts, nature music and art areas, etc. It offers a wide range of open ended play options for children while remaining safe. The forest preserve features 2-1/2 miles of self-guided nature trails. A hard-surfaced trail, 2/3 of a mile in length, is accessible year-round. A booklet available at the trailhead explains points of particular interest. Guided walks are held frequently throughout the year for the general public, and small groups may arrange special guided walks by contacting the Nature Center.

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