The Morton Arboretum presents "Of the Earth"


Five large-scale sculptures by Polish American artist Olga Ziemska will be created exclusively for a new exhibition at The Morton Arboretum, Of the Earth.

The exhibition will explore the artist’s expression and philosophy that, she says, “We are nature.” Ziemska said that her aim is to remind people that “everything in life is derived from the same basic elements that form everything in nature, including ourselves. There is no separation.” In Polish, Ziemska means “of the earth.”

The artist’s work will be created from reclaimed tree branches and other natural materials gathered from various locations throughout the Arboretum’s 1,700 acres. “I am giving reclaimed natural materials a new life and transforming them from nature into new forms,” Ziemska said.

The exhibition will run through spring 2025.

Image AbovePrevious artwork by Olga ZiemskaStillness in Motion, 2002Centre of Polish Sculpture, Chapel Gallery, Oronsko, Poland

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May 26 to May 31

Suitable for Groups
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