Autumn Kicks off with a Splash of Fall Color

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Autumn has officially arrived in Illinois, bringing beautiful fall colors for leaf-peepers to discover! There are plenty of festivals, attractions and events throughout the state for you to celebrate the season. Here’s what you can expect:

Chicago & Beyond 

This time of year, the Chicagoland area is just beginning to see fall colors. Maples are among the first to turn, combining beautiful shades of orange and red colors, but don’t expect to see many oaks or hickory trees turning just yet!

Check out these fun-filled experiences for the whole family:

Vote for your favorite straw man at the 30th Annual St. Charles Scarecrow Festival, October 9-11.

Great Rivers Country

The yellow, red, orange and purple hues of leaves in Great Rivers Country are as varied as the communities themselves. Along this 500 mile stretch of Illinois you’ll see a wonderful color palette revealed on hackberry, hickory, sumac, sassafras and white ash.

Make a fall drive with stops along the Great River Road:

See the leaf colors change at Pere Marquette State Park in Grafton.

Trails to Adventure

The Trails to Adventure region is typically among the first to show vibrant fall colors. The goldenrod flowers along the area’s winding roads are an autumn sight to see with new ones blooming bright for contrast and variety. The white ash, green ash, sumacs and sassafras together create delightful combinations of reddish orange, yellow, purple and red.

Enjoy the fall scenery in southern Illinois:


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