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The Bud Billiken® Parade is more than a procession of bands and floats marching down King Drive, it’s a commemoration of our past and a celebration of our future.

Every summer since 1929, “The Bud” has united African Americans throughout the city of Chicago and beyond in music, dance, food, and laughter.

This year’s parade represents more than the entertainment that it offers. Today, the 93 year tradition is historically the second largest parade in the United States next to the Rose Bowl. Abbott’s mission for the betterment of Chicago's youth, and to sound the clarion call for "Back to School," continues through the 4th generation leadership of his great - grandniece and the Chicago Defender Charities, Inc., President and CEO, Myiti Sengstacke-Rice. The Bud Billiken® parade is unique in that it is both historic and filled with the currency of youthful enthusiasm. The parade has inspired generations nationwide and continues to uplift our community.

With live broadcast on ABC7 Chicago, the parade is viewed and attended by over one million people. It stretches two miles down Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, through the historic Bronzeville neighborhood, into Washington Park.

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Aug 13, 2022

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