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August 21, 2017

Illinois Fall Color Report

Enjoy Illinois presents the official Illinois Fall Color Report courtesy of the Department of Natural Resources. Discover the current state of foliage unfolding in every region of the state.

November 13, 2017

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Fall colors are really starting to pop throughout the state! Beautiful vistas are sporting spectaculars hues that can only mean autumn in Illinois. Be sure to check back to this blog each week throughout the season for updates on where to see the best colors—and, as always, browse EnjoyIllinois.com for the latest on fall festivals, attractions and events. Here’s what you can expect to see this week:

Updated 11/13/17

Great Rivers Country

Red Leaves Between the Rivers

illinois MapRegions Great rivers Country 1

Fall color is at its peak in northwest Great Rivers Country. Temperature drops near the Quad Cities mean that about 30% of the trees have lost their leaves. Farther south, maples are still hanging on to a lot of leaves, and a small amount of green can still be spotted. Peak colors will likely start to fade fast after this weekend.


Trails to Adventure

Saffron Hues in Southern Illinois

illinois MapRegions Trails to Adventure 1

The pathways of Trails to Adventure and much of southern Illinois are at peak color! Looking into the woods, there is hardly any green left, and yellow is now the most prevalent hue, making the forest striking. Nearly everything is in color or starting to lose leaves.


Chicago & Beyond

Amber Skylines Around the Vibrant City

illinois MapRegions Chicago Beyond

Things are really starting to look like fall in Chicago & Beyond. The woods are filled with reds, browns, greens, yellows and oranges. The cooler weather has accelerated the color change. Hickories and silver maples are nice and yellow, red oaks are a dark burgundy, and maples are red, orange and yellow.


Land of Lincoln

Central Illinois' Shimmering Sumacs

illinois MapRegions Land of Lincoln

Colors are fantastic in the Land of Lincoln region. Most hickories are completely wearing yellow and sugar maples are giving amazing individual tree colors of orange-red, orange and yellow. Sassafras are gorgeous scarlets and oaks are showing the most variety of color with yellow and bright reds. Remember to drive carefully as more people flock to the area to see the fall colors.


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